Visit our Bar & Grill

Visit our Bar & Grill

As the temperatures ramp up so is our kitchen. The full menu is back with new exciting options.

Our Bar & Grill is Open

Summer” April – October
Monday – Sunday 4:00pm – 9:00pm
New Additions to Our Menu
Mac n Cheese Bites:

A cheesy delight in every bite.

Jalapeno Bites:

Spicy, savory, and simply irresistible.

Fried Mushrooms & Pickles:

Crispy, golden, and perfect for sharing.

Chicken Tenders:

Now part of our beloved Fish & Shrimp Baskets!

Nashville hot chicken sandwich:

Crispy Chicken breast smothered in our housemade nashville hot sauce

Rodeo Burger:

Juicy burger topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, bbq sauce and onion rings

Monthly Specials to Savor
Cheesecake of the Month:

 A different, decadent flavor every month.

Funnel Fries:

A sweet twist on a classic, perfect for dessert lovers.

Soup Specials:

Warm up with our hearty, homemade soup selections.